Mary Kirwan

I am a qualified International Mountain Leader and have a passion for being in the outdoors, both overseas and in the wonderful mountains and countryside of the UK.  I lead walks and treks of different levels and for a wide range of individuals of varying ages and abilities.

Once I discovered Nordic Walking I was hooked!  I found that it not only enhanced my mountain activities, but it is a fun and effective way of keeping fit in its own right. So I am as happy in my local park as I am in the hills.

I love the versatility of Nordic Walking.  It can be done anywhere and, apart from poles and appropriate clothing, you don’t need any equipment. It makes a great and much more enjoyable alternative to going to the gym.

I have a degree in Outdoor Education and Environmental Science and have a keen interest in the natural world.  I love looking at birds and wildlife and Nordic Walking always gets me to places where I can find these in abundance. That can be far afield or close to home in local parks and other outdoor spaces. There is always something interesting to discover.

I’m a sociable person, so I love working with groups of new people and helping them to achieve their fitness goals in a fun and effective way. It’s great to see people making new friends and getting fitter at the same time.